The vertebral Silence

Adriana Ramić & Harm van den Dorpel


About translation. Or rather how from translation more information emerges.
Translation from A to B
generates C.
Is C a byproduct, noise, leftover or does it contain some essence of communication? Any change of structure and context transforms into new content (duh). It is a protestant assumption that form and content can be separated anyway.
Whatever makes sense has better chances of being true.
Is everything that makes less sense then automatically more likely to be false? For sure (?) not. However, when an assumption is made lacking clear argumentation, the action is quickly dismissed as suspicious and random.



Acting as a Well Known Particle

IUnderstanding who feeds on whom and how often is the basis for.

“The vertebral Silence”

Sea Lion as Scientist Variations on a theme of how to build a body that was laid down in some worm-like creature in the Cambrian period.

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