Going through an embarrassingly long Burroughs phase has equipped me with more knowledge of orgones, occultnik whatsis, and whatever it is -that passes for a counter cultura, circa the 90's maybe? That whole TAZ thing, pirate utopias, magic with a k, centipedes and through burroughs came Psychic TV and industrial music, and a book where I first read Evola, who was inserted between morehippy dippy stuff. I feel like a lot of the reactionaries/alt right/etc. were reading the same shitty books as me as a teen and that hybridized with internet culture.

I think there's a fairly bright line running from Illuminatus! through Ccru to modern esoteric meme stuff.

it seems that way. I also blame comic books.



It's hyperstition all the way down








The Internet mirrors Cyclonopedic conception of oil: dead signifiers compressed and heated to a fluid, surging in rebellion against the Sun.

 A conceptual preliminary to understanding meme warfare by Vincent Garton.

A conceptual preliminary to understanding meme warfare by Vincent Garton.



>probably several reasons: left more prone to seriousness, language-policing, regulatory politics

>cyberpolitics = more like troll hivemind, not serious + unfunny weirdos (who also exist on /pol/ and alt-right)

>problem with the left is classically it's all about humans *using* and *doing* stuff together (democracy! planning! etc)

this is precisely what cybernetics in general, and cyberpolitics in politics, overthrows.

>thinking of it as "using" sth = already in the instrumental-regulatory command network. It's abt Immersing yourself in it.


the fun is just beginning


R/ACC has Gnon. L/ACC is just humanism town.


While it certainly attracts such, on the contrary, I think R/ is more the stopgap to U/. but nihilism is the stopgap of all disillusionment, right? (Nietzsche and all!) I think you can actually read the whole R/U distinction through Nietzsche -- to me it seems R/ACC transvalues simply by switching good and evil (hence identifying as "dark" all the time). But per N. transvaluation is not simply transposing the two but dismantling "evil" as such. Beyond good and evil.

L/ACC forgot the immersion of the very conditions of evaluation within the circuitry...

I would say some aspects of Brassier's work still tend to U/ACC... relentless self-abolitionism in the name of abyssal freedom is very U/ACC?
but I believe your distinction is more useful at this stage

that's an interesting distinction which I've been thinking about recently as well.
I think part of the reason for L/ACC's inadequacy is its failure at the epistemic level.
I want a non-human social theory like Brassier's non-human metaphysic.
R/ACC has Gnon. L/ACC is just humanism town.

I completely agree, and have been wrestling with this. it will be the pressing issue.
all true freedom is self-destruction. the true challenge is comes from accepting this without falling into fatalism, or ignoring it and collapsing into insipid humanism.

> yup. Nietzsche's big insight -- and Ccru's, IMO.

there is much in Metzinger's 'nemocentrism' of worth. but yh we need a nemocentric social theory. Brassier talks of abolishing the 'self' as a block in the transitivity between 'I' and 'we" there is something in the idea of a negative universal: one that is bereft of all +itive content and thus not trucked with current actualities/uniformities: the bare form of saying 'no'

>Kantian critique basically needs be put into total hypertrophic overdrive
>I think Fisher once distinguished between Brassier and L/ACC as 'epistemic' vs 'political' acc









What exactly *is* U/ACC?


R-acc looks towards heterogeneity, patchwork generation, capitalism generating species (plural) of human social orders and also constitutes an evaluative stance (via NRx) towards said orders. Distinct from unconditional accel. which identifies, per D&G, with schizophrenising tendencies of capitalism as such. In "Teleoplexy" Land says accel. maps basic tendency of modernity as "controlled explosion". R-acc interested in orders, unconditional acc just explosive.

(Left-acc., as currently construed, is the position I don't think seriously exists.)

(Left-acc., as currently construed, is the position I don't think seriously exists.)




Schizophrenizing tendencies, explosive dynamics.
This is good



Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 20.25.04.png

(had a weird dream about being drafted to fight in a war in syria and being attacked by recruiter for being hungarian)


Imagine watching Beauty and the Beast & identifying with the pitchfork wielding mob of cretinous french peasants 😂 #SDLD50 #ShutUpNickLand


"The Left is a rotting carcass consisting of nothing but degenerate religious ideas. ..."
"... The fact that comparatively intelligent people still attach themselves to it is all the evidence necessary that the Cathedral exists."

ANON>The fact that you believe in the Cathedral is all the evidence necessary that you're not as intelligent as you used to be.

"Not only do I see the Cathedral, in its naked totalitarian phase, trying to suppress dissident thought every day ..."

ANON>Cathedral = Illuminati. You believe in a conspiracy theory. No one's telling you to shut up. The Cathedral isn't real...

"No one's telling you to shut up. The Cathedral isn't real." -- This is beautiful. Carry on.




reading @outsideness for cultural capital. Chastising @outsideness for virtual capital. The official altwoke dialectic


U say nick land i say mark fisher. u say mencius moldbug I say Nick Srnicek. put this in ur sig if u support #ALTWOKE left accelerationism


he overdoses and unlocks a new belief system that transcends left and right. the ultimate centrism

Woke Centrist Acceleration.
The True End Of History


the internet absolutely does matter and if you don't think it does you've missed the last 10-20 years of politics.
in SE Asia people even take CDs of political stuff from the Internet to distribute in countryside w/o online access
in 2014 waving smartphones in the air and chanting protest songs they dl'd from twitter and other places

you would see how specious this idea of the Internet as all about white westerners is

Because the Internet is a technology, and capacity for its instrumentalisation depends on external conjuncture.
Your original point was that no one uses the Internet apart from "bourgie middle class white kids".

This is empirically so far wrong that it's at flat-earth-theory levels of wrongness.




marx never foresaw the revolutionary dictatorship of the got damn roman statues!!

roman statues are NAZBOL -nazbol gang


They know that classical roman and greek men were all paedophiles right?



Go wild. Masturbate in public. Shit in a theatre.



Nick Land is secretly a Maoist

They're not fascists. Chomsky is a cryptofascist and Zizek is a protofascist

Officer! That person has said "praise kek" which is an ancient evil god from Egypt and also a cartoon frog


broke humour: Nazi Twitter
woke humour:




Everyone is insane

Spooks are insanity


hyperstitional hauntology



Land, Zizek, Badiou, Dugin...


>lmao if you don't spend your whole night feverishly reading progressively more insane articles & tweets

>abolish life imo

>choosing when & where to die would be good tho


Meltdown means escape from all control means escape from humanity.

I think technocapital, combined with cybernetic politics tends towards massive distribution, escaping elite control.
So you have to go back to Marx here: Marx says rate of profit tends to 0, and rate of profit is based on mechanisation i.e. in other words when mechanisation is maximalised capitalism ends by definition. Bourgeois control is impossible.
Land likes capital but he's pointing at something after capital*ism*: "planetary commoditronics escaping bourgeois control"
whatever capitalism leads to, like feudalism led to capitalism. Like you said we don't know what form that takes.

the core of accelerationism is just saying: instead of regulating and resisting, go forwards, relentlessly decentralise 


but does Land subsist on nothing but plain ice cream?


I tend to have very little patience for ethics, which is why I prefer Land's uncompromising embrace of the prospect in Fanged Nouema writings etc. "What'll happen? Who cares, let's get there first!"


"You lice can go back once more, for tonight anyway, to your filthy beds of tradition which we no longer wish to sleep in"

- the extremely #trad marinetti


(he's back at least. Outsideness) 25th feb 2017



Accepting the darkness is all well and good but i hear death has blinding light

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 22.21.46.png

00:03 okay so hopefully you can hear me and

00:06 hopefully you can see everything but

00:09 we'll just try this out so 

00:12 let's look at projectile motion

00:14 in projectile motion the key thing is we

00:20 define projectile motion to be an object

00:24 moving only under the influence of

00:27 gravity so let's just let's just start

00:31 case suppose I take a ball and I shoot

00:37 it horizontally it's gonna go like that

Rhett Allain









National Bolshevism, Rhettist tendency


Are you the genesis of #RhettTwitter the phyics guy? Are you in the same decopunk delta as Nick Land?
Many mysteries here...









Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 22.40.33.png

So how did China use so much cement? First, the country is urbanizing at a historic rate, much faster than the U.S. did in the 20th Century. More than 20 million Chinese relocate to cities each year, which is more people than live in downtown New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago combined. This massive change has taken place in less than 50 years. In 1978, less than a fifth of China’s population lived in cities. By 2020, that proportion will be 60 percent.



Are you the genesis of #RhettTwitter the phyics guy? 






NAZBOL comrades, fear not the cube NAZBOL comrades, fear not the cube


to initiate us all into national geometric pro-telluric bolshevism


wait do transhumanists actually like this fascists


neo-reactionaries get neo-guillotined


outsideness:The 'neo-' in neoreaction, and perhaps even
in neocameralism, means -- roughly -- 'ironical'. 
Using this clue, spot the non-neoreactionary:
"Why call it 'the Cathedral'? Cathedrals are glorious expressions of religious devotion. ..."








I'm ODing right now and even I think this whole things smacks of fascism

fascism finds a home in anything that attributes the ravages of capitalism to anything other than capitalism


and the late stuff kind of developed by logical succession -- turn from marx to the right has happened before historically




the exact same weird engagement between anarchists and monarchists and reactionaries

And Deleuze and Guattari's Anti-Oedipus, which despite not being in the MA canon, offers a fuckload of insight into how to have a non-ancap market anarchism.



another fun fact about Sorel I don't mention there: he was (like Land) an East Asia obsessive..in 1 of his last articles ("China") he says "Europe is in great need of a Mongol invasion".

What sort of role did that angle play in the overall architecture of his thought?

1) reacted to Soc Dems claiming capitalism would collapse because China would reject capitalism
2) saw the creation of a world market as overwhelming its Euro creators, not just imperialism
3) tied in with his cyclical theory of moral history (Euros on the decline, Asians on the rise)
in many ways foreshadows Land here in Meltdown



my Excel spreadsheet demonstrates that with a diverse portfolio of stocks we can achieve socialism in a year


Cyberwomen > Biowomen


there are these charlatans who are like "Dude immortality+make the matrix real lol" no, fuck you, you don't know shit.
>>im actually skeptical about mind uploading because it's hard to say if it would be possible or not, but in principle we can

restore aging related damage, and make continued progress with artificial organs. i think intellectual caution in both directions is good



What is rhetttwitter — the black hand of futurity



Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 23.44.43.png


Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 23.44.55.png


The Internet is humanity's deleometer, and we are the black hand of its circuit of transcendental temporality...



Agree w/ Capital 3 Marx and 90s-Land that revolutionary motor is capital, not labour as such.

Agreed there. Hence the need for unleashing - I simply have a hard time seeing capital as that will overcome its limit alone. The system is increasingly modular, with crisis becoming a regulator in and of itself.

Yeah, there is a cutting, biting deterritorializing edge, but pulling out the stops guarantees the chemical reactions to really kick in. Basically: elites can't stop it, but they are a drag on the productive forces. Best to end them


S&W see neoliberalism as an ideational phenomenon whose hegemony they want to repeat.

The attempt at repetition is embarrassing cargo cult stuff (as w/ similar L/ACC tries)


pleb-dell gets lost in the post, xeno-dell gets lost in you #RhettTwitter #AltDell #DellWoke


>>>Acceleration without conditions




>Read it a bit more closer. There is some merit in it; only antifa isn't motivated by moral denunciation.

>Maybe, but it seemed too coldly rational. Sort of an arrogant internet smart guy.

>You're right. Still, he seemed to want frogs killed, so is he NRx. But you're right.

>You know what me and him mean by frogs.


When you're trying to figure out #RhettTwitter


You, PhD student at Chaddingbury College, human neologism: #RhettTwitter
Me, theory pleb, turned off by Landian race realism: ok


how many times do you have to be called a nazbol on twitter before limonov sends you a qt nazbol gf?


>sure, fascism is cooler. that's its thing.

>U/ACC is about heat and positive feedback cycles smashing the homeostat, and departs from Land in that sense.

>hyperstition is, imo, a symptom of cybernetics as social positive feedback cycle (CCRU had good analysis on this).




#RhettTwitter is the anti-praxis of U/ACC, a hot subculture charting a course for its own dissolution


Vox in 2 months: "#RhettTwitter, explained"


The parasites on the back of these processes would turn to luddism before allowing themselves to be washed away by it *coughbillgatesrobottaxcough*

My incredibly muddled vision is basically panther modern insurrectionists breaking the containment protocols and unleashing vironomic forces in full --> global disequilibrium -->complete market anarchy mobilized by amplifying machinic processes, dissolving all organic bodies. Maybe there is communism at the end of that, who knows.

I agree w/ this in abstract (minus communism in orthodox sense - end is overcoming of humanity) ...

>>Yeah, I definitely don't see communism in the traditionalist veneer, more of a generalized downwards of all value to zero point.



where we're going we won't need english!


#RhettTwitter Starter Pack:


internet is planetary reality-fracking tool, purposed with
shattering Being's pathetic dreams of identity with itself.



In the same way Hegel was the first post-Marxist, Stirner was the first post-Nietzschean, I claim.


deleuze sez stirner is the last dialectician tho, sooooooo


joke: ACC started at Goldsmiths in 2010
woke: ACC started alongside Fordist capitalism c. 1900
bespoke: ACC started in ancient Mesopotamia


Make a rhettpill



Maybe confused understanding of "politics": party politics is a day-by-day game, and that's the game L/ACC unsuccessfully tries to play. On a century timescale, 2 forms of "politics" matter, categorised as social history and psychomoral history (Nietzsche's "great politics").

This is the "game" U/ACC tries to play, to the extent that it accepts human subjectivity at all.


and yeah beware of the left siding w/ moral cnsrvatism.


imo this is why U/ACC emphasis on siding with tech is important. cybernetics chops out govt's ability to enforce moralism

when people talk about "planning" never forget that some people's plan is puritanism and they just need access to controls




You, #altwoke: trapped in neg. homeostasis:::recoding as Turing Cop ___,


#RhettTwitter: absolute deterritorialization, meltdown of power++


tfw when u #altwoke tryin' to knock #RhettTwitter but u just an unwitting contagion vector



Fuck hegemony. You simply desire another state apparatus, codes on codes.

Time to move on.




things just got creepy.

U/ACC as a mode of analysis observes the 'megamachine' (the regimented assemblage of the capitalism, society, culture economy, the state) as a sort of cybernetic machine, and traces the way forces within it compound in a way that breaks down control systems, overcodes, etc - things rush past their limits. A U/ACC method, likewise, would seek ways of amplifying those forces.
The interrelations between society, culture, the economy, and tech development all operate as force multipliers for one another, all escalating in complexity and running in contradiction to the reason and rational of the state. They become delirious and break apart the states and other archaic institutions.

So what's at stake is basically things spinning out of control.

Bizarre understanding of deter. and reter. Contingency, risk are reflections of uncertainty and will thus place on individual or micro-org scale due to knowledge problems regarding organization, coordination, distribution – large body politics + power plays cannot cope with these forces the way free markets can.


untag me


          Read Marx


U/ACC is a superior form of barbarism


That's part of the blood-red beauty of it






we keep reposing the same questions, a linear materialism claims these are constantly trying to close the book on 1848's project in Paris, not accounting for the acceleration that has caused them to be posed at a higher, deadlier, more alienated scale each time. Acceleration is some sense hegel's object-state applied to all hegemonic structures, clinamenically impcting each other through deep time, each hit more damaging, unable to stp

>I imagine this actually maps quite well onto Neo-Schumpeterian periodizations - the infamous K-Wave move

this would actually be cool as hell : atomic swerve, to world-system oscillation, and back again

>I'm trying to imagine what it would look like, lol

I'm thinking it bears a lot of relations to mieville's map of the immer from embassytown - distributed, distorted need to think of whole new units of measurement, like James Scott's frictional quanta - dromometers lol

>Reminiscent of the spinal catastrophism timeline towards the end of Fanged Noumena, in a way



A real Left Accelerationism would accept that we are already superfluous to the production of material wealth.


The trailed blazed by L/ACC into Gramscian hegemony is irreconcilably statist. This is not only implied via the invoking of Gramscian hegemony itself, but clearly stated by S+W in their calls to mimic the MPS filiation of proto-neoliberalism.

In the entire manifesto this is their only engagement w/ non-West.


Ok, a naive sentence about China and literally 4 words on Fanon. lol


Accelerationist are too comfortable.
Time to break up your social club, sorry.



A modest proposal: If fascism drives the war machine to suicide, turn the war machine fascist.A modest proposal: If fascism drives the war machine to suicide, turn the war machine fascist.

I hope this is parody.

>>( ...look up "a modest proposal")





One of my favourite pieces of Rhett wisdom tbh. #RhettTwitter


#RhettTwitter praxis: riding the accelerating wave of exocapital all the way to UMMO


Astronomers discover #RhettTwitter

Can't get overthrown by your son's Oedipus complex if he's also your dad. #Rhettplexity


you can have everything you want,as long as all you want is the real future happening right now


It simply appeared one day -- towering over the city, obscene in its silence. No one knows its meaning. It's driving us mad...

a superior version of Pacific Rim where giant robots punch ineffectually at a giant looming concrete cube


Never forget. #RhettTwitter

In the late '70s, the NSA warned of the possibility of the Soviets employing a psychic nuke to wipe out a major city



#RhettTwitter is deleuzian terrorism

Tao is Rhett: action through non action.

u/acc only true enemy is butlerian jihad. everything else is just too laughingly weak to matter. #RhettTwitter



Is not a position, but a vector.

you are already in #RhettTwitter.



Seriously there has to be a better use of one's time.

>>there isn't

Deluezian Delus ... Delusion #RhettTwitter

"Translate from Indonesian"



What isn't #RhettTwitter?

Preliminary studies suggest that over the long run a rhettrovirus contagion unleashed on the cyber fitness landscape will consume everything

Parsed understanding of terms
• Jolyoncene - 88%
RhettTwitter - 31%
• RedKahina - 53%








I want this visualized.
It is sort of scaring me thinking about it though. The way my brain processes things, it is very intense..

So the imagery and ideas that were evoked in this are like huge uncontrollable monsters but at the same time a thing of beauty.


>I had a similar experience with occult books when I was younger. It all felt wonderfully, horribly real and was like a type of virtual



l/acc: moral outrage
r/acc: anger outbursts
u/acc: whatever. let go.


You, l/acc: *staring into mirror, nervously saying* "Candyman candyman candyman"
Me, u/acc: *staring back, whispers* "Let go."




Moldbug and Co. have the right idea, except for one thing: Fuck Silicon Valley. The killbots must be powered by FREE SOFTWARE

fret not, if it must, it will. (but it mustn't, it won't)

Doesn't this kind of determinism get boring? I mean it's identical to "God has a plan for you". It's vapid and without pragmatic value.
Wait, before you must I'll just enact the glory for you: "let it go..." #lulz

>let it go


get it right 


my apologies. what is IT that needs letting go? #maybeFreudknows

You introduced the term, so perhaps you should tell us.

Was it simply 'let go'?



it's from conflict that all things come.

Clearly I have been thinking/writing a lot about the new ideological fractures. #altleft #altwoke #rhettTwitter #NRx #CRx #darkenlightenment




A tour of the #RhettTwitter HQ:

A giant screen on the wall is displaying the latest @Outsideness seminar, beamed directly from the urcC orbital cyclone-zone. Buckling beneath his headset, he gazes in horror, confusion, templex satisfaction as the stream cuts and skips forward and backward in time.

Eventually the experience goes full body. Eyes aren't enough. his skin is conscripted, fractal video in a literally immersive liquid medium

Every video urcC could rescue from NCR&sh is being played at once. Listen closely to the roar, you can hear a woman speaking Mandarin...



yes, "I" started with the cliche "the end" text.

https://urcc.space/circuit/?antinomia/the-end …

But if zero is always at the end, how does one remember it? How is one able to describe it's being so intimately? Who determined the order? To know ones path is to be cognizant of each turn, but what if one decides to go right, instead of making an automatic left? Just wondering.

>> 0 is the absolute end. there will be no memories when the universe reaches that stage of maximum entropy.

"at the end there was always 0. then, in the beginning, 1 came up"; a memory, who's? Regardless, 1 came after 0, according to this author.

>>a theory, not a memory, by an insider of the process.

Still, ..based on inside information, this insider theorises a loop, no? zero to one and back? Might it be a constant loop? Like eternity? Knowing one can be singular, experience, interact, connect, expand until the point of contraction to 0



tired: deontological structures
wired: meontological shocks



Knock, knock #RhettTwitter...




You, socialist-humanist: we can form a new religion.
Me, hyped antihumanist: we can fork a new religion.


#RhettTwitter for when you come home from the bars and discover some high speed art


An early draft of #RhettTwitter's current administrative structure,
rejected at Congress VIV for "stinking of neurocentralism":




Sneak peek of the current version:




*ignorancel voice*

"#RhettTwitter is akshully covert celebration of the white supremacist Robert Rhett by Hegelian racists."

"Rhett published his bigoted views in the Charleston Mercury, consciously echoed by Nazi Kantbot in his "Autistic Mercury"

"but don't worry gaiz all these hip col leftists have come up with a real cool accelerationism about equality and stuff!! rad!!!1"


Make it a barb wire cage match and it's on!!
Communization vs #RhettTwitter to determine which reading of Deleuze & Guattari wins


You, a new centre #rastafari: DON'T CORRUPT ANYONE ,THICC.
Me, extremely woke #rhetttwitter: What the fuck am I paying for?


i want to push a probably controversial statement here: that neoreaction is dead. (focus on the *neo* part, of course) understood - as it should - as neocameralism, it has all but disappeared. who is talking about it today? Nick Land, now and then, but even he is more immersed into accelerationism.
as I have been perceiving, the ethno-nationalist branch has either fused with the Alt-Right populist white nationalist program or collapsed back into throne-and-alter paleo-reaction "let's avoid modernity at all costs".
whatever inheritance they keep from Moldbug's canon, it's mostly limited to Carlylean grudges.

am I missing something? are there any futurist-absolutists working with a cryptographic monarchy model? 

is anyone planning to influence Lichentstein's or Singapore's model in a more ethno-nationalist direction, without falling back into populism or modernity-aversion?

crypto-monarchy is NRx. Donald Trump's administration most certainly isn't.

even the tech-comm branch is mostly silent. Land's last post on XS that wasn't a scrap note dates from August 2016...

(and it's tellingly on Qwernomics)

checking right now XS blogroll. deceased: Darwinian Reactionary (2015), Dividuals (apparently, 2016), Foseti (2014), Handle (2014), Hurlock (2015), NIO (?), nydwracu (blog deleted), Pyrrhic Victories (2015), Reactionary Liberty (blog deleted?), Habitable Worlds (2015), Amos & Gromar (deleted), Anarcho Papist (deleted), Avangind Red Hand (2016?),Legionnaire (2015), More Right (deleted), Theden (deleted?) Carcinisation (2016?), Radish (2014).

of the active ones: 






once again, where is it?


once again, where is it?

...unless I'm missing something huge, Neoreaction as neocameralism + patchwork is pretty much dead.
given that state of affairs, I certainly see neocameralism and patchwork to be further developed more in the realm of accelerationism...


outsideness: I'm not sure 'dead' is right.
At least as much "our work here is done."
Neocam needs digesting, before the next push forwards.


This geography resembles Dugin's outlook, Atlantian tech-comm acceleration on one side, Continental trad alt-right/reaction on the other.


"But you'll be in control of Skynet, right?" " Yes Sir" lol

>Skynet will be under its own control, that's for sure.

NRx is "let's turn the machine on and see what happens" giddiness

>I'm totally fine with that.

Humans need to merge with AI. Not get destroyed by it

>the difference being?

immortality vs extinction

>if we become fully fused with AI, it's up to its 5 digit IQ to choose what are its goals, isn't it?

lol. True. We said that two years ago.
If only they'd listened to us. Never too late.

>well, my point is more that the cause of death is exactly following such steps. there's nothing *neo* about NRx anymore, so it dies.

The neo was the problem. Novelty and reaction are oil and water.

>I guess we agree on what the conflict is, but are on opposite sides.

Opposite sides of what?
The corpse of NRx?


















it's not dead it's just resting



with the *neo* well fixed, it was probably the least fascist thing out there. without it, populism took over.


If only half the leftie fearpieces about its influence are true, its leaving quite the spectre.
Moldbug left a pretty completed system with only a kind of speculation that will naturally appear as LARPy left.
That and fighting over which tradition the sacred texts apparently belong in.
Trichtonomy was a pretty bad model from the start. Theos and Altrighters were bound to splinter eventually.
They shared nothing with techrx
The Alt-Right absorbing most of these people provides a perfect opportunity to restablish intellectual sovereignty.


NRx is clearly not just Land, but as an intellectual historian it's tempting to read it in terms of Land's trajectory...
DE served as a vehicle during Land's "wilderness" years. But the wilderness is engulfing the metropolis. Something has changed. The gales of Landianism are blowing across philosophy, and they are gathering into a roar. The paranoia over Land is the consequence...



#RhettTwitter is listening to the Blade Runner soundtrack and marveling for a full minute at an attractive silica gel pack

just finished up doing exactly this! Nothing matches silica gel packs like cyberpunk Vangelis

always nice to talk to a fellow gelhead

This snack pack doesn't have a SaniPak, what the fuck?
And in my left ear I hear 'you like our owl?' shit...#RhettTwitter


Cars are the vehicle of acceleration:

-Expanding markets
-Car culture
-Commute time-spiral
-Go fast

🚗🏎️🚓🚗🏎️🚓🚗 #RhettTwitter


         Where do I sign up for #RhettTwitter



still awaiting the clear example of a
regulation that effectively and unmistakably
suppressed its object of reprimand.






To complete the transition of Landianism from NRx,
will be publishing a cringeworthy set of Magic cards.


you vs the guy Rhett tells you not to worry about:



Our first expansion is already out. Return to Hyperborea...



I write notes in abbreviations at my job and my shorthand for account unlock is UACC so I'm now part of Rhett Twitter I think


@rjallain, what the fuck is rhettism

>Rhett put it better than we could: "It's all about the acceleration"

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 19.53.25.png


#RhettTwitter = ideological weightlessness while moving upward


"capitalism strengthens itself with competition"

I guess no one disagrees with that statement, except rabid market liberals

if only people could reach an agreement on every single issue (utopia), then capitalism would instantly dissolve! fortunately, they can't. and, in reality, no production can really take place where everyone agrees. much less the creative destruction that's the essence of capital to the extent that ancient and medieval societies managed to keep some veneer of tacit agreement, capitalism remained un-ignited...and this seems to be the very reason why China didn't develop capitalism before Europe did, even having more tech and better brains.

but, not only capitalism thrives with competition "within" itself, but every antagonism against it inevitably becomes its fuel.in fact, the greatest danger Proudhon identified in market economies was that it could bring all societies to a state of "common-ism"

the greatest danger capital could pose to itself was if it lead to an worldwide agreement.seriously, if a sound monetary and fiscal policy had been carried during early 20th century, would we have had WW2? most likely not....and thus no Internet, no digital computer, heck, not even Bitcoin.

the rocks in the way of capital is exactly what makes it faster and swifter. it's almost as if it engineered them...

"Nothing brought to bear against capitalism can compare to the intrinsic antagonism it directs towards its own actuality"

so, yeah, by all means, inciting anti-capitalism (and many other forms of dissent) is a hell of a way to accelerate capital.


if you disagree, well, welcome to the team. 

Marxism-Leninism: capitalism's adolescent phase.




real arker hours at the #RhettKube:




Fast forward Twitter and you hear humanity scream.



After that: the Horror. Xenomatrix.
Nonplace. #RhettTwitter.


Tales of u/acc memetics trafficked in the group DM





..Goldsmiths, US, S&W-style L/ACC, UK Labour Party..


it appears that being blocked by famous intellectuals is a trade mark of #RhettTwitter

>Famous is too strong. After all, what the fuck is a David Golumbia (other than more work for autocorrect).

DG is more in the "peripheral intellectuals making the most of their small positions of responsibility to act out their resentments" camp.


Everyone on earth is a Dark Enlightenment pawn, except for Benjamin Noys and David Golumbia.

golumbia is a literal, unironic, statecuck

Golumbia is the liberal version of a tankie


🚨 Public appeal 🚨:
Please help @dgolumbia, he opened Fanged Noumena without safety equipment and fascism flooded out and devoured him ☠️



"Expanding the block list" might be the most inspiring Left-Utopian rallying cry yet heard

>Imagine thinking blocking people was a good idea, much less an effective tactic.

>if you can't see things they don't exist, duh


So #Rhetttwitter = Rhett Allain=Ritalin=adderall=speed=acceleration=Nick Land??


the singularity: ..collapses into an infinitely dense point and gains sentience


..we did it. the singularity is here and it's all over....


are you trying to fuse woke and rhett flesh

what diseased science is this




any anumerical sign has recently conveyed less than 1 bit of information.
which is a good case for pricefication of everything. calculations > arguments
is this the central thesis of #RhettTwitter?
"languages are untrustworthy"

>Wasn't this the central thesis of Moldbuggian formalism in the first place?



How do I join?
promoting the thirst for collapse



obscurantism, pure bourgeois Crowley-esque obscurantism

mfw u don't know about immortal science of democratic-thelemism and the VII° rite


ahhhh they're everywhere



Complex analysis should be intro material for #rhetttwitter The limit only exists when you remove the residual machines.




BEWARE of #RhettTwitter,
the Kult of the Worldwide Mad Deadly Kommunist Gangster Computer God.


we want our dicks to breathe and sample the air easily

#rhetttwitter, where steampunks hang out and talk about their flux state and thicc anteater dick.

don't be jealous because my urethra has a thin, prehensile tongue perfect for scooping up ants



Stop the singularity I want to get off



#RhettTwitter what do when you wanna go fast but can't go fast

#RhettTwitter if I let go will I go fast?


interesting feature of the conversation is people repeatedly missing obvious pieces of irony/ trolls (hence significance of what's going on)
An intervention by transcendental heterodoxy...



Who knew Hezbollah was #RhettTwitter ?








Where's my Jmurph rhettTwitter follow? that's all I want to know.


It's worse for me because J unfollowed me... Traumatic
I logged in for my morning JMo TL browsing sesh, expecting the comfort of that little follows you box... Only to be greeted by a vacuum...

I have to use this space to brag. I got the deadliner follow. at last, Thicc is ready to process my kojima exegesis

The deadliner follow should be prized most of all imo. I'm stuck in @UF_blog junior league.

We are collapsing the three persons of the trinity: a revolt stripped of all Christian-socialist eschatology...




Capitalism is an instance, not an essence 



>whispers and mumbles*-oric

say what?


The whole of #RhettTwitter is actually trapped in the Bahamas right now

>that explains why my TL is filled with bad praxis
bad news, I'm coming with these guys:


Actually this is exactly the kind of praxis the world needs right now

Imagine the price-gouging for safe passage from fyrefest to be had


acceleration takes care of itself
full support for #RelaxTwitter 🌴




Gilligan's Island but with cogs/robots instead of coconuts.


Nick Land - The Dark Enlightenment [Tropical Chillout Edition] #RhettTwitter #NRx



is a simple description of capital expansion via commodification as a positive-feedback process







all #channels lead to #caves


this is it...couches in transcendence..but where's the couch? 


is rhett twitter still a thing? — Was #RhettTwitter ever actually a thing?