From Dust

Juliette Bonneviot & Christopher Kulendran Thomas



Hell is not something that awaits us, but is here and now in the desert.
Its dust is made of becoming-particles, hydrophilic by nature, emerging from the evaporation of water. The Iranian philosopher Reza Negarestani describes how each particle of dust, originating with interstellar dust from the formation of stars and planets, carries with it a unique vision of matter, movement, collectivity, interaction, affect, differentiation, composition and infinite darkness - a crystallised data base or a plot ready to combine and react, to be narrated on and through the wetness that activates it.

Dust swarms are the primal flux of data in the Solar system or the Mother of all data-streams. Each dirt particle carries different materials from diverse territories, expressing their particularities but reconstituted in the universal medium of dust.

When dust particles are composed, they combine countless terms, languages and materials belonging to entirely different kingdoms. Dust particles originate from dark corners never before trodden, from different territories and domains of invisible hazards. Each particle carries crystallised waste matter and essences of various civilisations, hard to grasp, but easy to commingle when wet. Water is essential for blending the dust particles into one narrative with multiple undertows. If dust emerges from disparate territories and is composed of anonymous materials, then its particles can merge once they meet water.


 Juliette Bonneviot

Juliette Bonneviot


Earth-Coloured Xenoestrogens, 2015
180 x 120 cm.

  •  Flaxseeds and sesame seeds. These plants produce a xenohormone, as a defense against the overpopulation of herbivorous animals.
  •  Zearalenone is a mycoestrogen. This is a mushroom that lives in seeds; it can permeate the human skin.
  •  Copper and copper ions destroy chemical structures with ease.
  •  Chromium, a pigment used for glass, glazes and paint. It retains its strength at high temperature.
  •  Phthalates, plasticizers are here present in wood floor lacquer.
  •  Linen comes from the flax plant. It is one of the preferred traditional supports for oil painting.