An exhibition in two parts looking at the role of networked information technology in the transformation of experience.



GLHF reframes the experience of networked gaming, drawing out the zone of traction between the physical obligations of a materially incorporated being as against the free play of intellect unmoored from limitation in the limitless domain of the virtual.
In the second part of the exhibition, art collective Wrixlan address the aesthetics of commodity exchange implemented online, privileging the visual language employed by sellers on Ebay.



15:36 - Cannoneer_D: Hello. You added me.
15:36 - JoLo: Hey
15:36 - JoLo: do you maybe want to trade your knife against mine?
15:37 - Cannoneer_D: What knife do you have?
15:37 - JoLo: karambit scorched
15:37 - Cannoneer_D: exterior?
15:38 - JoLo: what is exterior
15:38 - Cannoneer_D: Field-tested, minimal wear, etc. What is it?
15:38 - JoLo: ah okay minimal wear



Toy didn't work, sad daughter

Just hope you never receive a damaged item - I've jumped thru hoops for 4 weeks!