An exhibition in two parts looking at the role of networked information technology in the transformation of experience.


15:36 - Cannoneer_D: Hello. You added me.
15:36 - JoLo: Hey
15:36 - JoLo: do you maybe want to trade your knife against mine?
15:37 - Cannoneer_D: What knife do you have?
15:37 - JoLo: karambit scorched
15:37 - Cannoneer_D: exterior?
15:38 - JoLo: what is exterior
15:38 - Cannoneer_D: Field-tested, minimal wear, etc. What is it?
15:38 - JoLo: ah okay minimal wear



I was drinking used this product long time, but no effect for my body. I dont know why, but think I lost my money

8' shorter then described, nothing like the picture and a hole in it

Toy didn't work,sad daughter

Just hope you never receive a damaged item - I've jumped thru hoops for 4 weeks!