I am generally fiercely opposed to screenshooting and publishing private messages. I feel however that it is important for fellow artists to be aware of your political stance before they enter into any collaboration or support your gallery.


Blimey... what drugs is she on?

Defriended instantly

What the fuck is this shite?

has anyone got some background on this gallery, i mean this looks like proper alt right shit - goldsmiths seems to be collaborating with them too, I'm thinking this is a candidate for shut it down, not just politely advising people not to work with them. has anyone published anything about this space/network?


every instance of ignorance and aggression must be exposed and addressed. thank you


Don't think RS spoke? But as it says on the brett Stevens blog this was a Neo Reactionary conference

Right on. Those views don't deserve privacy. And I feel bad for artists who have shown there as they'll be tarred with the same shitty racist brush. Right on to John Russell for speaking up though...

NRx is a fascist movement, we have no doubts about that

The audience for this stuff is primarily white men who think Davids Duke and Ike have the right ideas, but it's fucking scary how much traction it gets in art. Especially when the principal tactic of the /POL guys that support trump is exactly the same irony/deniability that is basically how so much art works

Could you please make it public  - I think is really important for artists to see

tbh the fash material has been public in the form of website, exhibition, and talks programme, not to mention the various LD50 fb posts and tweets

yeah I hadn't come across them before but it is pretty clear. And fucking important that people do know about it and don't just think "oh that's a cool controversial talking point" as Nick Land/Dark Enlightenment crap has been treated at Warwick/Goldsmiths over the last couple of decades, but actually do something to stop it.

Like it's actually a relief that this shit is all out because it has been going on low key for a year and with probably only little social media discipline it would have kept going being a beacon for fash nerds and normalising this shit further in art discourse.

Fucking nerds man. They're just this unstable element that just talks to itself and you never know when it's going to do a hateful paranoid explosion

Can someone enlighten me about that LD-100 post? Is it saying what i think is saying?
>i think is saying that while the gallery has so far been semi lethal it is now fully lethal, right?

they seem to have deleted their insta account. good thing i screenshot most of its content

scrolling down their insta account has left me shaking!
fuck its so dark

going through their instagram the other day and couldn't believe my eyes.

Well done !

This gallery needs exposing for what it is. Thank you.

Art Right
Exactly. Also, fuck.