Absolute Bearing

Jesse Darling & BRACE BRACE


..and eventually we gave in.

Two-thirds of the planet was already under water.
Rivers turned into straits and rising tides washed up against the shores, liquifying borders into fluid geographies. But from sea to sea, as boundaries dissolved, zones of transit were transformed into militarised barriers and frozen assets solidified wet borders. We kept dreaming of a return to an idealised natural state where everything was given and was therefore worth salvaging. We protected our vision behind borders and boundaries. We had risked nothing.

But everything disintegrates in the face of the wave. The flood is the renewing force that washes over the thresholds of the city, forcing new formations. We weren’t prepared but we should have known. We are all alien. We have always been.
The signs were everywhere; the churning of the water, the inevitability of the waves, these are all part of the same body, the same movement, a constant emergence and vanishing in an endless flow of continuous energy, an ongoing mixing and remixing with no separation and no boundaries - absolute liquidity.

At first we held on so tightly and eventually we gave in.

Brace Brace
Digital video; 1:06